With 4GB, 10GB and 20GB hard disks, people are carrying around in their pocket the equivalent of entire studio selections.

There was this reference saying that 1000 songs or 4GB was the ideal storage size for personal use. Say you listened to 10 songs a day, it was enough for the next three months before you had to play a song again (This is, of course, presuming that people will listen to their selection in an orderly fashion)

This is where I think the remote control syndrome kicks in. When you had five channels to watch, you watched . When you have 100 channels, you surf. The remote is used more as a tool to avoid boredom. End result? You end up with 'content overload' and nothing is satisfying. It's like coming into conversations midway and exiting before anything substantial is said or listened to.

Take chatrooms for example. It's like a cacophony of voices, except that you don't hear them. Trying to pick one lucid thread of conversation is impossible. It's like looking at jumbled lines of text on interminable pages and pretending it is a conversation.